montreal: tate + yoko store

© tate + yoko - a store full of prime goods

tate + yoko is a quirky menswear haunt that opened sometime ago in montreal's ahuntsic neighbourhood. boasting a cool utilitarian vibe with slabs of bare concrete and industrial piping, the store has a unique concept. it carries some of the best cult denim brands from japan, such as momotaro, studio d'artisan and oni, supplemented by quality brands from the u.s. and canada like naked & famous and paulrose products. the merchandise you'll find on the shelves is either exceptional or supermad, but always made by skilled craftsmen in small batches and by companies who shun mass production by principle. some of the remarkable items currently in stock include superheavy 32 oz. jeans, raspberry scented scratch-n-sniff jeans, glow-in-the-dark jeans and cashmere blend jeans, to name a few. tate + yoko's parent company has been in the canadian apparel, jeans and workwear industry for over 60 years, this is the first and only store nationwide with this specific concept and pulls a denim-savvy clientele from miles away. don't miss when in town! location: 9069 boulevard st.-laurent [ahuntsic].

© tate + yoko - glow-in-the-dark jeans? yes, only at tate + yoko.