montauk [ny]: ruschmeyer's hotel opening

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if the hamptons are more of an uptown new york playground, then montauk's friendly and laid-back ruschmeyer's hotel, enticing its guests with hipster chic lodgings in a stunning rural setting, definitely is a downtown enclave. originally built in 1952 on three acres of lush, lakeside woodland, it has been meticulously renovated to evoke the feel of a nautical summer camp. the guest rooms look crisp and cozy, and are decorated in a highly personal way with balsa wooden airplanes, apothia custom candles, compass whistles, and jack kerouac books. the rooms circle an expansive lawn, featuring a teepee and outdoor grills, while a sand-filled pool serves as an open-air sand bar and beer garden.

ruschmeyer's isn't only about relaxation, there's also a fair share of fun to be had! the main lawn serves as a backdrop for a rotating series of gigs and artists-in-residence. up for a drink? a wide range of specialty cocktails are served, including your new fav that'll smoothly usher you into a dining mood. speaking of which: if you're a fan of soho gourmet haunt the fat radish you're in for a similar tasty treat at ruschmeyer's restaurant. the menu pairs fresh seafood with an extensive wine list, featuring a selection of biodynamic, sustainable, and organic wines. and we're pretty sure next door's electric eel disco will be too tempting to keep you from showing off your dance moves after dinner. as it's very much like summer camp, your time here revolves around a slew of activities.

there's yoga on the lawn, kite boarding and stand up paddling on fort pond, ping pong and bocce ball on the sand, custom-built republic bikes and plenty of trails to run in the area. ruschmeyer's wellness offers soothing massages, facial and body treatments provided by deborah thompson. yes, you've found your perfect leisure hideout! location: 161 second house road [fort pond bay].

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