milan: so far so goude

© tod's group / jean-paul goude - slave to the rhythm, new york [1986]

as a creative multi-tasker who loves to infuse his work with a solid dose of fun, jean-paul goude has been an influential player in various fields, and on many an occasion his output has been defined and ccptured by women. currently on display at the padiglione d'arte contemporanea in milan is an exhibition of his work that sheds light on this particular segment. presented by italian fashion conglomerate tod's group, and entitled so far so goude, the show presents ex-girrlfriend grace jones and and former runway model farida khelfa, in addition to other muses. the images on display – mind you, there are more than 230 works to be viewed – not only illustrate goude's talent and unique vision, but also turn his advertising campaigns into benchmarks of style whatever the product or event they are promoting [on though jun 19]. location: via palestro 14 [palestro].

© tod's group / jean-paul goude - cubist grace, new york [1981] and fashion and sport running [1996]