milan: doubt

© attilio maranzano / carsten höller – doubt installation at pirelli hangarbicocca – courtesy of the artist and pirelli hangarbicocca

german artist carsten höller [1961] gained the global limelight in the 1990s with his multidisciplinary practice that explores the spatial experience of human nature in evocative ways. as such, the artist's work is very often seen as an immersive three-dimensional laboratory, allowing viewers to partake in adventurous environments. currently on at pirelli hangarbicocca, a contemporary arts venue set in an imposing industrial building on the outskirts of milan, is a solo exhibition by höller that not only ticks all our boxes, but also lives up to his artistic reputation. entitled doubt, and curated by vicente todolí, it presents a selection of works both existent and new, including large-scale installations, videos and photographs. interestingly, the showcase is divided into two sections on the expansive premises of pirelli hangarbicocca, and each can be accessed through two different entrances.

upon arrival, visitors have to decide for a colour, green or yellow, before entering the show. once inside, it's a tantalizing visual adventure along two twinned parallel trajectories, each one providing interesting experiences and perspectives of both the works on display, and the opportunity to view the interactions of fellow visitors. the exhibition includes more than twenty large-scale works, including well-known pieces such as zöllner stripes, flying mushrooms, and two roaming beds which have all been shown in previous exhibitions elsewhere [on through jul 31]. and there's one last thing that elevates doubt to a truly immersive adventure: the two roaming beds installation is available for an actual sleepover on fridays and saturdays. so, if you're interested, then click here to make a reservation. location: via chiese 2 [bicocca].

© attilio maranzano / carsten höller – doubt installation at pirelli hangarbicocca – courtesy of the artist and pirelli hangarbicocca