miami: united nude pop-up store + art gallery

© united nude - the miami pop-up store + art gallery coinciding with last week's art basel miami beach hoopla, united nude arrived in town for not only an artsy little showcase of its own, but also to present its hot shoes to the arts + fashion folk. the brand cleverly established a pop-up store cum art gallery in a spacious 4,500 sq.ft. venue in miami's happening design district. here it simultaneously launched 5prcity, a 'women + city life'-themed sale exhibition, featuring limited-edition and signed work by four emerging chinese photograpers, and shot in the boomtowns of shanghai, beijing, guangzhou, chengdu and also in hong kong. united nude's pop-up store + art gallery is scheduled to run into early 2011 with plans for a possible permanent installation. location: 161 n.e. 40th Street [design district].
© united nude - inside the miami pop-up store + art gallery