miami: sls hotel south beach opening

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an established and popular name in design-infused hospitality on the u.s. west coast, sls hotels now ventures cross-country to open a property in what arguably is the most happening resort there. the sls hotel south beach is located in a 1939 by renowned architect l. murray dixon and features a rooftop architectural design depicting a lantern reaching to the sky and is the tallest art deco structure in the area. after collaborating on the sls beverly hills, french architect philippe starck renewed his ties with the ambitious hotels brand and has taken care of the interior design. starck’s design features a stunning surrealistic feel which he describes as the guest’s journey into your own dream world. evoking a distinct european vibe right at the front door, guests encounter an expansive terrace that's reminiscent of the elegant outdoor cafés of paris and the northern italian lake region, featuring black + white moroccan tiles and an eclectic collection of furniture in a whimsical range of colours speak to a sense of south beach according to monsieur starck.

showing off his skill to masterfully blend styles, the reception area depicts a retro american summer camp. the reception desk is made from a distressed slab of wood, and the lighting comes from an antique wood kayak suspended from the ceiling. reinforcing the look are vintage stills from camping trips long forgotten, adorning the wall behind the reception area. the design of the guest rooms and suites is inspired by the sleeping quarters of madame de pompadour, and sees bold uses of whites and pinks that reflect the sophistication of old french aristocrats. the furniture is designed to be functional and elegant with an oversized white sofa that showcases french detailing, giving the room a playful focal point. a white wooden tile flooring is paired with an abstract, old-world tapestry carpet that features subtle uses of pink and grey.

the bathrooms have been meticulously updated with a glass rain shower and clean white walls and flooring. needless to say that the decorum comes with state of the art technology, including high-speed wifi, an ipad and a 42-inch high-definition lcd tv. and as if to add some rock glam to the package, none other than lenny kravitz and his kravitz design team have designed the penthouse suite and one of the ten pool bungalows. as for entertainment, the sls hotel south beach has a few trumps up its sleeve. located in the hotel lobby is bar centro, a lively latin-flavoured meeting place with massive red velvet curtains and dark wood furniture, and where you can indulge in cocktails and cuisine by acclaimed chef josé andrés. he also helms the bazaar by josé andrés, a striking fantasy dining room which is very much a recreation of what starck describes as an 'out-of-focus memory of the charming dining room of your nana who loved art. art was everything and everywhere. she loved only one color: acid yellow'. so, go figure!

for sushi restaurant katsuya, starck has taken his signature look from the locations in southern california and houston and added elements to make the space distinct. most notably are the two, 20-foot tall images of a sharply-dressed, elderly japanese man and a woman from the early 1940s. situated above the restaurant is its dragon lounge, featuring the restaurant's award-winning mixology program. obviously, sls hotel south beach also offers room for entertainment in the outdoors. flanking the property’s exterior, starck created a collection of private, yet airy cabanas along the pool that lead to the hotel’s premier nightlife experience dubbed hyde beach. this luxury lounge and club features a decorum of heaps and heaps of wood, a fireplace, vintage leather sofas and walls adorned with legendary hawaiian surfers from the 1930s and 1940s. so, can you picture yourself here? we certainly can. location: 1701 collins avenue [south beach].

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