miami: respice concept store opening

© respice - a new concept store for savvy miami shoppers

stylish hospitality venues are plentiful in miami, but when it comes to ditto retail there's quite a discrepancy in numbers. but things seems to be taking a turn for the better, and this cool new establishment in south miami certainly contributes to the trend. called respice - independent republic - quite a mouthful but reflecting its retail formula - it's a concept store full of carefully sourced men's and women's lifestyle items by independent designers from across the planet. respice's décor is one of understatement, designed by turin-based practice ideawork 1981 and featuring a clean yet homey space with a polished concrete floor, walls in matching tones of grey and a mixture of custom-made and vintage furniture pieces, displays and shelving.

founding partners gisela balassa and alejandro orestano have a background in fashion and retail, and aim to provide shoppers with a quality goods with an edge of uniqueness and authenticity. both share a passion to seek out products that tell stories and make a different style statement. the mercandise at respice is eclectic and varied with current standouts the singular hats by new york-based designer eugenia kim, chic handmade italian eyewear by l.g.r. and more exclusive shades by rvs by v, timeless sandqvist bags, clae shoes and a collection of sleek void watches. be sure to drop by when in town! location: 5760 sunset drive [south miami].

© respice - an abundance of trophy items