miami: pop (he)art truck

miami is once again the pulsating epicenter of the annual art, design and fashion hoopla, and if you're in town there's plenty of cool places to go. but there's one venture that's going places itself, entertaining the crowds with pretty cool stuff. we're talking the crystal-covered ice cream truck of new york-based pop band heartsrevolution. this mobile pop-up has been created to inspire a young demographic to push the boundaries of media and culture and to create a world of their own. the striking truck is in miami right now, visiting morgans hotels properties where the band will be selling toys, japanese candy, limited edition prints, clothing, and more straight out of the truck. they've launched today but here's their schedule for the coming week:

wed - dec 4 delano + shore club [6pm-midnight]
thu - dec 5 mondrian [2pm-6pm] + shore club [8pm-midnight]
fri - dec 6 shore club all day + all evening
sat - dec 7 mondrian [11am-4pm] + between delano + shore club in the evening

© heartsrevolution