miami: dior homme store opening

© dior - sharp style for panhandle males

the who's who of art and fashion is currently frolicking around miami, so what better time to launch a store there? indeed. dior homme is one of the brands that figured out a timely opening for its brand new boutique in the city's happening design district. similar to the recently revamped flagship in new york city, it features a sleek interior that oozes contemporary luxe. an architectural symmetry has been captures in a series of rich materials that add up to a retail environment with a decidedly masculine edge. the new dior homme store carries the brand's full range of apparel, shoes, accessories, watches and fragrances. an additional treat for die-hard fans is the special limited edition that's currently on the shelves just for the occasion. what's more? renowned photographer bruce weber was commissioned to create a short film. called can i make the music fly?, it's part of a permanent installation within the store. location: mosaic building, 161 n.e. 40th street [design district].

© dior - inside the new store