mexico city: pawnshop

opening today [8pm-11pm] at anonymous gallery in mexico city is casa de empeño, an intriguing group exhibition that is conceptually based on the function of a pawnshop, and serves to examine current systems of economy, currency and exchange. interestingly, the entire gallery space has been redesigned to replicate a true pawnshop environment. based on the value of the artwork, the gallery provides unique opportunities for collectors to own distinctive works of art through sale, loan or even trade. the show features a compelling and diverse array of artists from across the planet, including kostas seremetis, misaki kawai, miguel calderón, romon kimin yang and maya hayuk. they all create relatable objects through painting, drawing, film, photography, sculpture, print, editions and design. location: 173 calle zacatecas [roma norte].

© anonymous gallery / kostas seremetis - the eternals, soft [2010]