mexico city: nick veasey

© let there be art - exhibition view

british photographer nick veasey [1962] is obsessed with x-ray, and his work is dominated by intriguing images created with that technique. as a clear statement against society´s obsession with superficiality, he sometimes tweaks the imagery using photoshop, resulting in visually stunning compositions. veasy is currently having his first ever exhibition in mexico city at the let there be art gallery in the polanco district. on display are a series of new works, depicting an eclectic variety of objects, flowers and quirky still lifes. included in the showcase is an x-ray of a ferrari daytona - it's the first time ever this work has been put on show - and a number of photographs that the artist has made especially for this elaborate showcase [on through mar 1]. location: calle emilio castelar 230 [polanco].

© let there be art / nick veasey - matchless motorbike, skull and crossbones and jimmy choo [top to bottom]