mexico city: nervous moments membranes

© proyectos monclova / photography: moritz bernoully - exhibition setting

hailing from berlin, artist anna virnich [1984] has become known for her textile-based tableaux. a graduate from the brunswick college of fine art, one of germany's leading art schools, virnich uses both found and new fabrics as a canvas attached to wooden frames. during the past few months, the artist took up a residency arranged by proyectos monclova, a prominent contemporary art gallery in mexico city. the creative output spawning from this long-term residency is currently on display at the gallery venue. entitled nervous moments membranes, the exhibition presents a series of tableaux, crafted from a variety of local materials, including mantilla, snake skin, and rayon.
some of these materials date from other eras or have been used, showing stains, dirt marks, human sweat or rips that not only add character and depth, but also an intriguing narrative. interestingly, these works are references and their virtue goes beyond the visual, incorporating the olfactory, and this specific swerving out of the merely visual into the spatial and physical, is potentiated in a separate installation presented in the gallery’s backspace. this section is entitled you change the smell of my sweat, and combines sound, scent, light manipulations as well as objects [on through apr 23]. location: calle colima 55 [roma norte].

© proyectos monclova / photography: moritz bernoully - nervous moments membranes #1 [detail] and exhibition settings