melbourne: sweet obsolete

© jeremy dillon / tai snaith - the practice of everyday life [2013] - gouache and watercolour on paper

tai snaith graduated from the victorian college of arts in melbourne in 2003 and went on to become a well-known illustrator while also dabbling quite succesfully in a string of other creative disciplines. the artist currently has a show at helen gory galerie called sweet obsolete, featuring both a series of works on paper and small sculptures that refer to - yes, indeed - obsolete everyday objects. snaith says that she's often saddened and depressed by the never-ending waste society creates with its design obsessions and the inescapable black balloons of carbon we produce every day as a result of our so-called privileged lifestyles. as a result snaith started drawing still-lives to try to capture the sadness and beauty in some forgotten objects in our era shiny new iphones and other design trends. snaith was also inspired by a youtube video called the story of stuff by american activist and educator annie leonard, which deals with the ideas behind planned and perceived obsolescence in a way that even kids can understand [on through apr 13]. location: 25 st. edmond's road [prahran].

© jeremy dillon / tai snaith - fistful of wishes [2013] - gouache, watercolour and ink on paper