melbourne: now + 4eva concept store opening

© sibling / interior photography: tobias titz

architecture in helsinki are an indie-pop band based in melbourne. they're known for their catchy, electro-infused songs, and as of late also as innovative retailers. coinciding with the release of their newest album, the band have launched an eponymous now + 4eva concept store at the melbourne central mall. designed by local creative agency sibling, it's a compact space encased in a cube-shaped framework of metal and glass. stacks of bound carton rolls in various sizes serve as imaginitive decoration, while low circular tables and a suspended clothes rack in a matching pristine white hue showcase the merchandise on offer. the temporary set-up is part shop, part gallery and part listening space.

primarily aiming to promote architecture in helsinki's new album, the now + 4eva concept store obviously features a sound installation that plays all the songs on it. but there's much more. it also stocks exclusive commissions and collabs exclusively. there's a collection by fashion label kloke, witu bags, jewellery and accessories by dale hardiman, 3d candy versions of the band by red balloon via lucy mcrae, tightology socks and even nail polish by kester black. last but not least, a special edition of fine art prints can be snapped up by finnish artist santtu mustonen, featuring the now + 4eva album cover [open through apr 6]. location: melbourne central, 211 latrobe street, level 2 [cbd].

© sibling / photography: tobias titz