melbourne: aesop store opening

© aesop - a fancy new address in melbourne

to celebrate its 25th anniversary, aesop has added a brand new flagship in downtown melbourne to its stellar range of stores. designed in collaboration with kerstin thompson architects, the shop design takes cues from next door's athenaeum club, a posh meeting place for gents from a bygone era. needless to say that the decorum is injected with a bit of testosterone, featuring an imposing leather curtain that sweeps from the front to the rear, accented by brass cabinets, blackened steel and copper fixtures, and goat hair carpet that ties in the concept of gentlemanly grandeur. additionally, a purpose-built, mirrored bureau serves as the space where staff can introduce shoppers to aesop's elaborate range of skin and hair care products. location: 87 collins street [cbd].

© aesop - inside the new store