manila: perouvian wasteland

© perou - male nude with tulips

manila's status magazine is the style bible of the city's hipster community, and as such it continues to readily supply its following with relevant information on a range of hipster topics. its newest issue includes a feature on leading london-based photographer ralph john perou a.k.a. perou. the man is known for boldly traversing the boundaries of music, fashion and portraiture, creating a strong visual language all his own. but that's not all, folks!

status also creates a three-dimensional perou experience with perouvian wasteland, an exhibition at the ayala museum [1] that features a series of iconic works by the british snapper. the opening party is held sat - jan 21 [5pm-8pm], and dj euric delivers funky beats. the after party kicks off later in the evening [10pm] at the cool robot restaurant + lounge [2]. don't miss! location [1]: corner makati avenue + de la rosa street [makati]. location [2]: 7921 makati avenue [makati].

© perou - dita von teese