madrid: on the border

© galería astarté / nuria mora - street mural in johannesburg

nuria mora [1974] is a self-taught street artist based in madrid. although best known for her explosively colourful paintings with geometric patterns that have graced streets acorrs the planet, mora has started to flex her skills in other areas as well. the artist has established street cred and also has quite a few exhibitions under her belt. opening on thu - oct 30 [8pm] at galería astarté in mora's hometown is en la frontera, an exhibition which presents the artist's ability in many forms. presented is a varied body of new works, including paintings, drawings, sculpture installations and eight kilim designs she created for dacrugs. the works not only lay bare mora's artistic development as an artist, but also reflect on the exhibition title by showing that for mora there's merely an imaginary line between disciplines, and that she sees no restrictions when it comes to creativity. location: calle del monte esquinza 8 [salamanca].

© galería astarté / nuria mora