macau: banyan tree macau hotel opening

© banyan tree - the galaxy macau complex and banyan tree macau lobby [top + bottom] move over las vegas! the former portuguese colony of macau, a mere 60 kilometres west of hong kong is now chinese territory. the economic rise of the people's republic has rubbed off big time on this tinseltown [it's in fact the only place in the country where live gambling is legal]. with tourism soaring to ever new heights, macau has attracted big casino conglomerates from abroad [including a few with iconic vegas establishments] in the past few years, and is bound to become the planet's new gambling capital. anticipating macau's boom is banyan tree, the five-star hotel + resort chain which recently opened the luxurious banyan tree macau. located at the galaxy macau complex, this is an urban resort featuring 229 suites and 29 villas [of which 10 are expansive abodes with private garden and swimming pool]. all rooms are wired with the latest technology, featuring amenities such as internet access and an ipod dock. the overall design is lavish and overtly inspired by chinese architecture and style. although perhaps slightly flashy, it somehow befits the frantic gambling buzz in the city, pretty much in a similar way to ornately-designed establishments in vegas. but this a resort, and the banyan tree macau offers plenty of ways to sit back, relax and enjoy good food and drink, with the soon-to-open belon oyster bar + grill as our stylish fav. known for its signature spas, guests can also enjoy such a facility here. the banyan tree spa offers a series of many special treatments that will get you back playing roulette, fully energized ofcourse. yes, this place definitely is for winners! location: avenida marginal flor de lotus [cotai].
© banyan tree - pool villa living room + terrace, all-day dining room and spa relaxing room [top to bottom]