los angeles: tsujita restaurant opening

© tsujita - artisan noodles anyone? if your craving for good noodles is as regular as ours, and you live in los angeles...lucky you! artisan noodle restaurant tsujita hails from tokyo and has just opened a rather spectacular new branch in california, the first one stateside. designed in a clean contemporary yet japanese style, tsujita's most striking interior feature is an intricately designed ceiling installation of sorts. crafted by japanese designer takeshi sano, it's poetically inspired by clouds surrounding izumo shrine in japan's shimane prefecture, using 25,000 drum stick-shaped wooden sticks. obviously tsujita serves noodles or ramen, but also a wide range of typically tokyo-style japanese fusion food. you just have to drop by and taste it yourself. location: 2057 sawtelle boulevard [west los angeles].
© tsujita - a ceiling that sticks in your mind