los angeles: ben jones - the video

© moca / ben jones - road trip 2 [2012]

ben jones' installations at moca earlier this year were pretty impressive, drawing viewers into a spectacularly immersive digital dimension that most had only witnessed on a small screen. but the visual wizard is back with a solo exhibition at the moca pacific design center called ben jones - the video. hailing from rhode island, jones is a true multi-tasker whose tentacles have tried out almost very imaginable creative discipline. now settled in the supermedia hub of los angeles for the past two years, his brilliant and highly eclectic creativity has reached a new peak. the artist's newest exhibition features a series of new videos and paintings is an extrapolation of sorts of previous work, using the extracted and abstracted forms of technology and pop symbols to create irreverent, surrealistic, and introspective narratives and environments, often defined by their kaleidoscopic arrays of day-glo colors. with a fluid sense of material, the artist has not only worked with traditional art media like painting, drawing and sculpture, but also animated music videos, produced zines and costumes, furniture and web art, cartoons and music [on through feb 24]. don't miss! location: 8687 melrose avenue [west hollywood].

© moca / ben jones - dog [2008]