los angeles: the line hotel opening

© the line hotel / photography: adrian gaut

it's as if los angeles has entered a new golden age of sorts with new and sometimes unexpected areas coming into bloom. making a bold statement in koreatown is the line hotel, a collab hospitality effort by the sydell group, culinary entrepreneurs roy choi, the houston brothers, designer sean knibb, and last but not least, art + design brand poketo. they've taken on a mid-century landmark structure by architecture + engineering firm daniel mann johnson + mendenhall, and transformed it into the neighbourhood's new beacon of modern lifestyle. the line hotel features no less than 388 guestrooms, including studios, suites and apartment suites, spread over twelve floors.

fully designed by knibb, the interior design of the property is sleek and edgy, while also taking full advantage of the distinct korean culture that's deeply rooted in this lively part of town. the various settings feature an abundance of natural materials, organic forms and open spaces to create indoor and outdoor settings that blend function, intimacy and contemporary style. rooms feature the modern comfort and amenities that today's traveler expects, including comfortable king-size beds, free superfast wi-fi, and a decent shower. a big bonus are the floor-to-ceiling windows which provide sweeping views of koreatown. but that's not all, folks.

the hotel has a few aces up its sleeve which contribute to the well-deserved buzz, and which seems only logic given the background of some of its co-founders. the line hotel isn't just to spend the night, but adds up to koreatown's lively scene with a string of happening facilities of its own. there's pot, a korean restaurant with hot pots, blood soups, and barbecue on the menu. the pot lobby bar is its drinking den extension, and designed as a classic hotel bar as found in the korean homeland. also on the premises is café, a hybrid concept which mixes the compelling chaos of tawainese bakeries, the underground food markets in seoul, l.a.'s very own salvadorian and mexican panaderias and supermarket birthday cakes.

somewhat the opposite is commissary, a greenhouse restaurant with a focus on plants, fruits and vegetables. at the same time it’s a tranquil pool deck-side space with the amenities of a private club but created for everyone. want to let your hair down until the wee little hours? no problemo. the stylish speek lounge, hosted by the houston brothers, is readily available. last but not least, there's a well-stocked, 24-hour newsstand and boutique by poketo on the premises. location: 3515 wilshire boulevard [koreatown].

© the line hotel / photography: adrian gaut