los angeles: the gods

© ivar wigan – the 305 [2013]

based in london, lensman ivar wigan [1979] kicked off his career trajectory in academia, receiving a degree in history of art and ancient history from the university of edinburgh. as a keen observer of human behaviour, wigan aims to document communities and their inhabitants with a solid dose of authenticity, providing his viewers an immersive experience. opening on sat – may 21 [6pm-9pm] at little big man gallery in los angeles is the gods, an exhibition dedicated to the iconic urban music scene of the american south. on display are photos that wigan shot in cities such as new orleans, atlanta and miami of an often demonized and marginalized culture and demographic. having been raised outside the very culture and country, wigan manages to document with a surprising empathy and respect of the people and settings he encountered along the way. location: 1427 east 4th street, unit #2 [downtown].

© ivar wigan tough game [2013] and black cherry [2011]