los angeles: tender 2 the sunshine room

© ohwow / charlie billingham - alee [2013] - oil on polyester

charlie billingham [1984] graduated from the edinburgh college of art and recently received a postgraduate degree from london's royal academy schools. as a painter, billingham’s practice focuses on pigment, texture, and surface. he uses acrylic, oil, or both, applying the paint to polyester, linen, tapestry, canvas, or wood panel, depending on his desired outcome. billingham demonstrates an in-depth understanding of this medium and looks to personal and shared experiences as a source for his topics and imagery. the british artist currently has a show at ohwow gallery in los angeles.

entitled tender 2 the sunshine room, it presents a recent series of approximately 30 small-scale paintings and sculptural pieces, both inspired by silhouettes of boats, as well as several new, large canvases, which depict glass houses. the boat paintings hang on top of grid-patterned backdrops, which billingham executes directly onto the gallery’s walls. these wall paintings create a visual network that serves to arrange his intimate pieces within a greater context. built from zebrano and plywood, the sculptural pieces mimic the contour of a specific sailing dinghy, and also act as a framework as each contains a pair of paintings [on through jun 28]. location: 937 north la cienega boulevard [west hollywood].

© ohwow / charlie billingham - the sunshine room 2 [2014] - oil and acrylic on linen