los angeles: taschen gallery opening

© taschen

publisher benedikt taschen has rubbed shoulders with many leading names in fashion, music, design, art and what not, and quite successfully so, given the fact that his taschen empire is nowadays synonymous to glamourous coffee table publications with a matching retail network that spans the globe. but he has now taken his operations one level up, opening the very first permanent exhibition space, aptly named taschen gallery. located in west hollywood, it occupies a spacious 6,400 sq.ft. [595 sqm.] structure built in the late 1940s. the building has an expansive glass façade which allows in floods of daylight, and inside it features a number of semi-divided exhibition rooms.

taschen gallery's inaugural exhibition, entitled it's just a shot away - the rolling stones and curated by reuel golden, is a glam-packed stopper in good taschen tradition. the show brings together almost 100 photographs that document the history of legendary rock band the rolling stones. mind you, this is a commercial gallery, so prints of many of the photos on display are for sale. these include unique shots by david bailey, anton corbijn, terry richardson, albert watson and gered mankowitz. the gallery's opening party obviously was a star-packed affair, and photographer david bailey had especially flown in to sign copies of an accompanying book by taschen. location: 8070 beverly boulevard [west hollywood].

© taschen + getty images