los angeles: small case study house

tokyo-based architects momoyo kaijima and yoshiharu tsukamoto of atelier bow-wow explore the use of function and space within urban environments. they developed the term ‘pet architecture’ - a style of small multi-functional structures that make the most of limited space, a phenomenon in densely developed cities like tokyo that integrate need, improvisation and ingenuity. the small case study house project was commissioned by redcat and is the result of a residency period in los angeles, researching the case study house program, a fertile period of experimentation in southern california that enlisted architects to design low cost housing using pre-fabricated materials from the war industry. the exhibition opening party is fri – jan 30 [6pm-9pm / artist talk: 6.30pm]. location: redcat, 631 west 2nd street [downtown]. © atelier bow-wow / life tunnel [2008]