los angeles: sandast flagship store opening

© sandast - a store like no other

milan franeta is a los angeles-based leather designer who has collaborated with some of the best names in both leather and denim. a self-taught artisan with a keen eye for detail, franeta has the gift to turn any object into an vintage trophy of desire. in 2006 he launched the sandast brand to create unique products with two very distinct personas: a collection of american made vintage-inspired every day bags and a cleaner, more refined collection of fine italian-made leather goods, resulting in a growing number of fans across the planet. taking his brand to the next level, franeta has now launched a sandast flagship - the designer's very first - in downtown los angeles. housed in a converted car garage, the 4,000 sq.ft. retail space features a rustic ultilitarian interior with bare brick walls and exposed wooden beams that totally befits the coveted merchandise on display. so, what's in store? as you can imagine, the full sandast collection will be available here. to celebrate the store opening, franeta’s new artisan collection of totes and bags will make its debut. complementing the leather trophies, are some of franeta's fav brands, including redwing boots, shades by thom browne and selvedge nudie jeans. location: 1205 south hill street [downtown].

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