los angeles: prism break

celebrating the us open of surfing that kicked off last weekend in nearby huntington beach and the launch of its phantom 4d boardshort, surfboard brand hurley presents artist dalek's exhibition prism break at its very own h space gallery. the artist contributed to the new product with his signature geometric design and the show, opening fri - aug 5 [6pm-9pm], features similar aesthetics yet in a different form. on display are floor-to-ceiling multi-colored spires and a fun-house maze entry, allowing attendees the unique opportunity to be completely immersed in a psychedelic 4d universe. visitors will be handed specially-created 4d glasses for enhanced viewing. next to the installation there'll be a display of the phantom 4d-inspired product collection created by friends + family of the hurley brand. rsvp [here] for access. location: 1945 placentia avenue [costa mesa]. © hurley / dalek's prism break installation at h space gallery [2011]