los angeles: pacific

you in l.a.? if so, check out tonight's opening [7pm-10pm] of pacific, an exhibition created by tokyo-based creatives pmkfa and antonin gaultier at scion installation l.a.. the concept of this show is inspired by the pacific ocean, the planet's largest body of water, and its many islands. the showcase brings together 10 artists that give their interpretation on what many ignore in the rush from point a to b or simply don't see. the audience is invited to witness how the mundane transforms into the poetic while the unwanted morphs into the amusing, and the practical ends up as the beautiful. participating artists include megumi matsubara, teppei kaneuji, yotaro niwa, kyohei sakaguchi and atsuhiro ito [on through may 28]. location: 3521 helms avenue [culver junction]. © pmkfa