los angeles: our favorite shop opening

© clae - it's your fav shop too

footwear brand clae has made a cool retail statement, opening our favorite shop in the mid city area. in addition to serving as a product showcase, it features a tightly-curated assortment of compatible creative products, while it also accommodates the brand's creative studio. clae's cerative director sung choi has lived in the area for the past twelve years and wanted to contribute to the local community by means of this retail project. the store is a collab effort of choi with longtime friend and retail veteran pete arbelaez. as said, our favorite shop carries clae full range of footwear and the additional merchandise on offer includes accessories by claw money, black pine workshop and baron von fancy, books and mags by ohwow, wax poetics and japan's huge, audio compilations by masterpiece sound and deadly dragon sound, plus a selection of new and vintage records, cd's and dvd's. the merchandise is complemented by a set of grooming and personal products. happy shopping! location: 5455 west pico boulevard [mid city].

© clae - inside our fav shop, sung choi and dj mathieu schreyer, one laid-back opening bash [top to bottom]