los angeles: no man's land

© ohwow / nick van woert - untitled [2012] - c-print

continuously experimenting with materials while meticulously monitoring the mechanisms of modern society, artist nick van woert has come up with some of contemporary art's most mysterious and darkest pieces of late. claiming that art should actually 'scare the shit out of you', van woert has created a new body of work that's focused on topics concerning the natural environment, material chemistry and the progress of civilization, that's no less gloomy abd even apocalyptic. the exhibition is called no man's land and opens fri - feb 22 [7pm-9pm] at ohwow gallery in los angeles. on display is a series of ten paintings, each a monochromatic panel, references colors found in landscape paintings of the american west from the 1800s. minimalist in appearance, these works are in fact made from myriad man-made products, ranging from cat litter to orange soda. the striking and obvious dichotomy, present due to the toxic chemistry of substances used to describe natural properties of pristine landscapes, translates van woert’s fixation with the destructive potential of modern convenience. the artist transitions to conveying the broader directive of a primitivist lifestyle with a large-scale installation. location: 937 north la cienega boulevard [west hollywood].

© ohwow / nick van woert - gromatici [2013] - cat litter, cat toys, fiberglass statue and steel