los angeles + new york: inherent vice

© ace hotel / dustin stanton - mornin' sam, mornin' ralph

ace hotel has teamed up with warner bros. to bring cult film-maker paul thomas anderson's movie inherent vice to its guests in a special advance screening - hosted earlier this month in l.a. - and curate related onsite art shows at its properties in los angeles [1] and new york city [2]. both showcases open today and display works from local artists inspired by the movie, and to give limited-edition vinyls of soundtrack highlights for guests to take hom, all before it even opens in theatres nationwide [on through jan 11]. the presentation on the west coast includes eye-popping works by artists john van hamersveld, the haas brothers, steven harrington, alia penner, travis millard, lili lakich and dustin stanton, while an alternate reality environment immersive installation by jonah freeman and justin lowe in new york features vintage and found objects, as well as ephemera, art and props. following the inherent vice exhibitions stateside, a transatlantic edition will be held at ace hotel in london on jan 19-25. location [1]: ace hotel, 929 south broadway, segovia hall [downtown]. location [2]: ace hotel, 20 west 29th street, liberty hall [nomad].

© ace hotel / portrait of the haas brothers and artwork by lili lakich