los angeles: leap second

© ohwow / kon trubkovich - untitled - oil on canvas [2010]

artist kon trubkovich hails from moscow but relocated to new york with his family. he'll be having his first show in los angeles at ohwow gallery, opening there on fri - may 18 [7pm-9pm]. on display is a new series of paintings, works on paper, and a sound piece, inspired by erich fromm's book the art of loving [1956]. this is trubkovich's most personal work to date, suggesting that behind all the television static, weak transmissions, and tenuous connections he depicts there's a broadcast confirming our existence and interconnection. a prominent chunk of the show is a group of large-scale portraits of the artist’s mother, culled from just one second of home video, which documented the final party she threw in russia before the family moved to the states. defining a transitional moment of flux, these works illuminate the difficultly of tracing the past and express our elusive connection to the concept of origin. location: 937 north la cienega boulevard [west hollywood].

© ohwow / kon trubkovich - out of the black and into the white - oil on linen [2012]