los angeles: how lovely is me being as i am

© ohwow / jacolby satterwhite - passage [2013] - c-print from video still

jacolby satterwhite is a young artist based in new york city. not afraid to experiment, satterwhite uses a wide range of materials to create fitting artwork for his eclectic visions. opening sat - nov 15 [6pm-8pm] at ohwow gallery in los angeles is a solo exhibition of exemplary works. entitled how lovely is me being as i am, the show presents an intriguing kaleidoscope of his highly sophisticated creativity which is very often inspired by his mother’s drawings - she suffered from schizophrenia and created thousands of schematics and inventions centered on consumer culture, medicine, sex, astrology, and philosophy - adding a new context and a vocabulary all his own. for this show, satterwhite was inspired by a specific sketch, a sort of self-portrait he discovered among her collection of works. in it she drew seven vessels or architectural structures beneath the handwritten phrase how lovly is me being as i am. taking it from there, the artist expanded from this personal reflection, developing a macrocosmos, in response. on display is a narrative series of two-dimensional images, alongside sculpture and video. location: 937 north la cienega boulevard [west hollywood].

© ohwow / jacolby satterwhite - satellite [feed] [2014] - unique c-print mounted on custom box