los angeles: free roam above the mist

© elon schoenholz / jonathan zawada - sandbox painting ['tough one, ain't ya?'] - oil on canvas - 2012

opening sat - sep 8 [7pm-9pm] at prism gallery in los angeles is free roam above the mist, an exhibition by australian artist jonathan zawada. the show is centered around an expansive suite of oil paintings - painted depictions of digital renders of the elbe sandstone mountainscapes, a topography most significant as a site represented by 19th-century german landscape painter caspar david friedrich in his emblematic work wanderer above the sea of fog. zawadaʼs interest in friedrichʼs work concentrates on his employment of a third-person perspective, which is the resonant concern of this exhibition and points towards zawadaʼs wider interest in metaphysics, perceptual reality, transitional landscapes and narrative agency. in order to compose these paintings, zawada creates computer renderings of the elbe sandstone mountains from data summarising the area. the results are digitised landscapes formed from singularly-coloured triangles. the triangular planes are threaded together to give the appearance of mountains and valleys that have evidently been digested by a computer program. location: 8746 west sunset boulevard [west hollywood].

© elon schoenholz / jonathan zawada - sandbox painting ['oh lord. this is nasty'] - oil on canvas - 2012