los angeles: first world problems

© corey helford gallery / eric joyner - the intervention [2013]

since 1999 artist eric joyner has been exploring surreal robot sagas of mechanical life in the material world. his fifth show at corey helford gallery, ironically titled first world problems, opens sat - aug 10 [7pm-10pm] and presents his newest work. the series of paintings are all set in urban areas as opposed to the jungle in his previous show. the canvases show robots loitering around town, in bakeries and other small shops. yes indeed, just like humans do. the new body of work more or less depicts the dreams and struggles of robots finding home in a hard-wired life - ironic with urban coexistence - and also incorporates some of joyner's other inspirations, such such as quaint shops, trees, misunderstanding and absurdity. location: 8522 west washington boulevard [culver junction].

© corey helford gallery / eric joyner - heavy traffic [2013]