los angeles: c-stunners

© ed cross fine art / photography: amunga eshuchi - oxford boobs

cyrus kabiru is a painter and sculptor based in nairobi, and who stands at the forefront of a generation of artists whose innovation and creativity is shaping the way in which not only art from africa is viewed, but africa itself as well. kabiru draws inspiration from the urban environment of the sprawling kenyan capital, and his passion is to inject new life and purpose into the bottle tops, soda cans and other trash materials that people have discarded as useless. the artist has been creating special 'spectacles' since he was a child, first as toys for himself and later for his classmates as a way of bartering his way through school work. his passion for glasses stems from his father’s phobia about them. as a child, kabiru’s grandparents punished his father severely for losing a pair of glasses for which they had made huge sacrifices to provide him with. when the young kabiru began playing with his father’s glasses, he was told by his father that 'if you want to survive in my house you will have to make your own glasses'.

taking him at his word, the young boy embarked on what would become his lifetime mission to create eyewear out of trash. opening fri - mar 1 at frank pictures gallery is cyrus kabiru - c-stunners, an exhibition organized in association with london's ed cross fine art and stunner of the month, and featuring a series of wearable eyewear sculptures that straddle the areas art, performance, fashion and design. each piece tells its own story and is made using found trash objects from the artist’s immediate environment. although the show opens on friday, the official opening party is held sat - mar 2 [5.30pm-8.30pm] in attendance of cyrus kabiru himself. the artist is in los angeles to receive a 2013 ted fellowship for his extraordinary achievement as a self-taught artist from a deprived area of nairobi and his commitment to work with rural communities in kenya to teach people about environmental sustainability through his workshops. location: bergamot station, 2525 michigan avenue, gallery a5 [santa monica].

© ed cross fine art / photography: amunga eshuchi - american boobs