los angeles: bottega veneta store opening

© bottega veneta - the italian luxury brand debuts a new store concept in west hollywood

although still very much a high-profile tinseltown that appeals to hordes of affluent chinese, russian and arab shoppers cavorting around rodeo drive, l.a.'s very own demographic of powershoppers has come of age and now increasingly prefers to splurge in surroundings a tad more discreet and personal. west hollywood's melrose avenue has emerged as a new axis of style with new sophisticated boutiques popping up every month, and the latest to arrive is bottega veneta. very much aware of the special appeal of the area, the italian luxury brand decided to launch the first of a new store concept series, one that's geared towards a specific clientele and the neighbourhood it's located in. the boutique occupies an ivy-clad building of 2,727 sq.ft. [253 sqm.] which previously was home to a well-known bookshop. the interior design intentionally mimicks the artsy vibe of an art gallery, featuring white painted sliding steel fixtures and mesh panels. what's in stock? a concise, curated selection of bottega veneta's men’s and women’s trophy leather goods, apparel, shoes, jewellery, gifts and fragrances, and home items. location: 8445 melrose place [west hollywood].

© bottega veneta - luxury items in an artsy setting