los angeles: as above, so below

© robert mapplethorpe foundation - lisa lyon [1982]

opening today [7pm-9pm] at ohwow gallery in los angeles is an exhibition dedicated to the work of robert mapplethorpe [1946-1989], one of the most widely recognized american photographers of the 20th century. the show is titled as above, so below and is based on theoretical concepts of achieving visual equity and superseding artifice through method. on display are more than 50 of mapplethorpe’s images, including silver gelatin prints and polaroids, which reveal a novel interpretation of the artist’s practice. the show's title refers to an old hermetic principle, which suggests that whatever happens on one level of reality also occurs on a separate level. the idea relates to the ancient greek concept of microcosm and macrocosm, which recognizes that patterns reproduce on both small and large scales [on through mar 29]. location: 937 north la cienega boulevard [west hollywood].

© robert mapplethorpe foundation - david hockney [1976]