london: woo

© juergen teller - smiling ed [london - 2009]

he's one of the planet's most important photographers of his generation, and one of a handful who has been able to successfully gain a strong foothold in both the fashion and art worlds. we're talking supersnapper juergen teller, who's solo exhibition woo opens on tue - jan 22 [7pm-9pm] at london's institute of contemporary arts. avoiding military service in his native germany, teller moved to the british capital in 1986 where he eventually entered the local photography scene through the music industry by taking photographs for record covers. teller's expertise later expanded to fashion, and it was his unconventional approach and style that paved his way to stardom. the woo exhibition guides the viewer along the photographer's interesting journey through his landmark fashion and commercial photography from the 1990s, presenting classic images of fashion icons, such as models lily cole and kate moss, designer vivienne westwood, as well as a series of more recent landscapes and family portraits. location: the mall [whitehall].

© juergen teller - smoking cat [hydra - 2012]