london: vivienne westwood man store opening

they say all good things come to those who wait and oh boy, i'm the happiest person on this planet at the moment! vivienne westwood's first ever man store is now open. focusing entirely on male shoppers, man showcases the ever-expanding world of vivienne westwood with a store which measures at a generous 1,300 sq.ft. inspiration for the space is taken from the original man floor located on the lower ground of the 44 conduit street flagship. the result is an amalgamation of industrialist and earthy elements seen in the nickel-plated rails and cabinets, 'shuttered' concrete, textured stone, rusted steel and wide oak boards as flooring. for the man logo, vivienne westwood found a muse in the iconic monument stonehenge, using welsh blue pennant stone for the fireplace surround which creates a monumental focal point within the space. of course, it can only be expected that the store has a twist; in man shoppers will find a glass covered 'crypt', previously an underground vault. this barrel-shaped chamber has been transformed into a unique display space within the floor. the man store stays true to the well-loved vivienne westwood aesthetic while integrating a sense of ease and luxury into the mix. location: 18 conduit street [mayfair]. © vivienne westwood