london: variations on normal

© dominic wilcox - watch sculpture

dominic wilcox is a british designer who creates unique, innovative and often delicate objects, drawings and installations. wilcox is known for designs which take a new, inventive look at the more banal items of everyday life. pieces such as his intricate watch sculptures, thought-provoking war bowl and his designer v’s 3d printer live event have fimly cemented his reputation as one of the most inspiring contemporary british designers. his first solo exhibition, dubbed variations on normal, opens at kk outlet on thu - sep 6 [7pm-9pm] and features pieces of his past work, alongside a personal collection of ingenious and odd everyday objects which have inspired his quirky creations. additionally, the artist will launch his first book containing his brilliantly logical yet ridiculously inventive drawings. from a gps device for remembering names at parties, to a mechanical system for subtly reading a fellow passenger’s newspaper, the book reveals a selection of the best ideas from his sketchbooks. location: 42 hoxton square [hoxton]. 

© duncan wilcox - java cake sculpture