london: the vinyl collection

although there's never a dull moment at the w london, the hotel continuously anticipates the needs of its savvy clientele and also nurtures them with cool ideas. its latest innovation is a collab with highly popular bbc radio 1 deejay annie mac. called the vinyl collection, it's the planet's very first vinyl record room service. the 200 records within the collection are all personally chosen by the authoritative miss mac, showcasing her fav classics and a discerning selection of new artists. select up to five of your fav vinyls from the record menu and simply dial whatever/whenever to order. your personalised collection will be promptly delivered, complete with a portable crosley record player. mind you, this nifty device has high-quality playback and built-in speakers. in case you hadn't noticed, vinyl records have been back for a while in a big way, and the w london has wisely jumped on the trend to make your stay even more memorable. location: 10 wardour street [soho].

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