london: the ugly american

© the outsiders - ground floor exhibition setting

artist saber hails from southern california and it's there where he made his first major strides in urban art over 15 years ago by marking his name quite prominently - larger than 250 x 50 ft. - on the banks of the los angeles river. since then, saber's art has matured and evolved into a style that makes traditional graffiti relevant to a fine art gallery without compromising the medium's often provocative nitty gritty. the artist's recent works have included the planet’s largest piece of graffiti, interpretations of the usually sacrosanct stars 'n' stripes, and even using skywriting planes that daubed politicised slogans above major u.s. cities. after last year's exhibition at the outsiders gallery's venue in newcastle - saber's very first in the u.k. - the showcase entitled the ugly american has now arrived at its gallery space in london. on display are a series of predominantly abstract works in spray paint, oils and charcoal, including both the artist's stars 'n' stripes flags on stained wood and depictions of the union jack, and his ongoing base elements works in abstract graffiti style [on through feb 15]. location: 8 greek street [soho].

© the outsiders / saber - another man's trash 1 [2013] and basement exhibition setting