london: the ruins of detroit

© yves marchand + romain meffre - michigan central station

once a legendary industrial hub, detroit's economic fortune started to slowly fade since the 1950s and leaving large parts of the city quite literally in ruins. in 2010 photographers yves marchand and romain meffre released an acclaimed book that brilliantly documented this city in decay. shooting with a large format, custom made camera and taking advantage of natural light and using long exposures, the images embody the unique atmosphere of each location. curated by tristan hoare and julien dobbs-higginson, an exhibition featuring a selection of photographs from this publication opens today at wilmotte gallery [on through apr 5]. location: lichfield studios, 133 oxford gardens [portobello road].

© yves marchand + romain meffre - public schools book depository and ballroom of the lee plaza hotel [top + bottom]