london: the double club

eclectic times call for eclectic living. that's what artist carsten höller must have thought when fondazione prada asked him to come up with a concept that not only reflects modern times but also fuses hospitality and entertainment: the double club. here the artist playfully molds congolese culture and western culture into a bar, restaurant and dance club. using the ethnic best of both worlds, each section has been given an exceptional multicultural injection. the restaurant boasts tasty dishes from africa and a warhol silkscreen on the wall. the courtyard bar is fitted out with azulejo tiles and in the dance club the dj alternates western music with ndombolo, wenge and congolese rumba. all in all it's a visually challenging take on double identity with a high fun factor. having just opened, this temporary venue will be operational for six months only. location: 7 torrens street [finsbury].    note: click images to enlarge