london: the beauty workshop

© studio xag - hello ladies

to celebrate the opening of selfridges' new beauty workshop department, london-based studio xag have collaborated with the department store's creative team on four rather stunning window displays on duke street. the agency was invited to produce a range of oversized beauty products out of coloured paper. no less than ten paper engineers armed with glue guns, 500 gluesticks, a retractable scapel and some pretty mad skills set to work over three weeks to make all of the props entirely from paper and card. the props are all based on real products that are on sale inside the selfridges beauty workshop, and each of the four windows represents one of the areas there. studio xag's hand-crafted paper pieces were mixed with giant, scissors, spoons, eyelash curlers and oversized drips of nail varnish and colour which were comissioned and created for selfridges by another team. store location: 400 oxford street [mayfair].

© studio xag - colour and pills are all you need