london: special request

© special request - cover of issue #1

special request is a new quarterly culture journal based in london. led by founder and creative director paul sethi and editor-in-chief thomas viney, the magazine minutely dissects contemporary culture and zooms in on the bits that make it up. well, obviously only the interesting ones. with this critical approach special request looks at the entire human experienc piece by piece, subjecting it to a revealing analysis by some of the planet's finest minds. special request's launch issue is dedicated to the culture of food, and featuring a series of essays, editorials, interviews and stories that revolve around food one way or another.

who's in it? a rather eclectic number of people, including john c. reilly, daisy lowe, coolio, sam lipsyte and florence welch. and to keep it real and tasty, it'll also feature contributions by british culinary mavens such as margot henderson of rochelle canteen, viajante's nuno mendes and brett redman of elliott's. the magazine has a circulation of 2,500 copies and will be available at select stores in the u.k. and abroad. mind you, to celebrate the launch of special request a related exhibition opens at mach schau gallery in soho on wed - may 22. location: mach schau, kingly court, second floor [soho].

© special request - spreads from the inaugural food issue