london: santa maria novella store opening

© santa maria novella - from florence to shoreditch

santa maria novella is an artisanal fragrance house based in florence, and with an olfactory legacy that spans no less than 400 years. as niche cosmetics and fragrances become more and more popular across the planet, santa maria novella obviously rides this wave while steadily expanding its retail network along the way. the very latest store has just opened in london's happening shoreditch district next door to illustrious men's fashion emporium hostem, it's the brand's third shop in the british capital. the cutesy new retail space features an interior that softly echoes the frescoed vaults of the brand's original store in florence with its marble worktops, wooden floors, and of course the distinctively perfumed air. location: 9 chance street [shoreditch].

© santa maria novella - refined fragrances galore