london: return of the rudeboy

© somerset house / photography: peter macdiarmid

london's somerset house currently hosts return of the rudeboy, an original and rather cool exhibition created and curated by prolific photographer and filmmaker for music’s most wanted dean chalkley and fashion industry favourite creative director harris elliott. the show presents a sartorial subculture through a series of portraits, installations and set pieces. over the course of the past year the duo has photographed over 60 sharply dressed individuals from across the u.k., all of whom embody the essence of what it is to be a rudeboy in the 21st century, to document the life, style and last but not least, attitude of this growing demographic. far from a snapshot street-style photography project, the curated collection of images shows the subjects presenting their pure and singular sartorial swagger in locations linked to the specific rudeboy lifestyle, whether it be on the streets of shoreditch or on swanky savile row.

presented at the exhibitions are immersive multimedia installations and set pieces that further elaborate on the everyday details of the modern rudeboy, from the music he listens to down to his daily grooming routine. mind you, since grooming is such an integral part of the daily routine, the space will host a pop-up grooming station where you can even book appointments to get a hair cut or beard trimming. to add more spice to the showcase, chalkley and elliott have collaborated closely with a variety creatives to contribute exciting, engaging and enriching content, including new york-based producer rashad smith, the art comes first creative collective and international dj don letts [on through aug 25]. location: somerset house, strand, terrace rooms [holborn].

© somerset house / photography: peter macdiarmid [portraits] + dean chalkley [creative direction by harris elliott]