london: red never follows

© hugo boss - exhibition setting

if you ask us, any self-discerning brand should celebrate an anniversary with a prestigious art show. well, that's exactly what hugo boss has done. the brand's red never follows exhibition at london's saatchi gallery commemmorates 20 years of creativity, innovation, and being in the highly volatile business called fashion. the swanky show features the works of 20 artists from across the planet who share the brand's core values, giving a stage to true innovators and their adventurous and often unpredictable paths to creativity. the lineup of participating artists include pierre debusschere, daito manabebart hess, jeong-moon choi and güvenç özel [on through sep 1]. in addition, the hugo boss has created 20 special iconic apparel items to celebrate their 20th anniversary. location: duke of york's hq, king's road [knightsbridge].

© hugo boss - the eclectic range of art work and opening party [top to bottom]